The Ultimate Art Licensing Themes Guide

In this 17-page guide, you’ll find 94 of the most popular art licensing themes – those that art directors need most – and each with multiple examples.



94 Popular Themes

 Enticed to create Spring Themes?  I’ll take you through the most popular Spring animals, flowers, and landscapes.  Love the colors of 4th of July? Let’s delve into what works beyond fireworks.

12 Product Categories

I provide you with 12 of the most popular categories you can work within – from Kitchen + Dining to Stationery + Paper Goods, plus examples in each category to get your creative juices flowing.

Artwork Checklist

My Themes Checklist will ensure that you carefully select and create the right and right amount of artwork to build out collections that you can pitch to art directors and licensing agents.

Pick and choose themes that excite you most and start creating artwork that licensing companies are always looking for.

The Best Thing?

You’ll never be limited by these themes when you combine them with your own signature style!

I’ll also show you how to best use this list, why it’s important, why it doesn’t matter which medium you create in, and how to build out your themes to entice larger product ranges.